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Long Range TV Antenna

DTV Green Dish's Dishtenna® is a dramatic improvement over the now outdated Long Range TV Antenna. As a hybrid of a satellite dish and TV Antenna, the Dishtenna revolutionizes the way people receive local, National, and Independent HD television.

How revolutionary? What if our Long Range TV Antenna improvement let you watch free digital TV without an expensive cable or satellite plan?

Unlike Long Range TV Antennas, the Dishtenna® is small and sleek -- barely noticeable with its 18" diameter. Even better, it doesn't have any ugly rods like an old Long Range TV Antenna that has to be installed on often very high poles or in a particular place due to its large design.

In fact, DTV Green Dish's Dishtenna® can be installed just about anywhere for maximum flexibility: inside your home (on an interior wall or in the attic) or outside (on the roof or a balcony). Try doing that with an old-school Long Range TV Antenna!

You also won't have to worry about the annoying repositioning that is so common with Long Range TV Antennas because the state-of-the-art signal meters our professionals use when setting up the Dishtenna® will ensure it's in the optimal position to get the highest number of channels and clearest, crispest picture quality.

Another way that the Dishtenna® beats an outdated Long Range TV Antenna is that it's made from recyclable materials. With our dish-antenna hybrid, you'll be able to enjoy your favorite programming while also taking pride in the fact that you're doing your part to help the environment.

But the best part, of course, is that the programming choices far exceed that of any Long Range TV Antenna. You'll have the ability to watch free digital TV from local, national, and independent networks within 80 miles of where you live, including HD broadcasts from all major networks like CBS, ABC, NBC, FOX, and The CW, as well as Univision, Ion, and many more. Depending on your area, your Dishtenna® might receive as many as 80 - 125 different channels – completely free of charge! No Long Range TV Antenna can beat that.

And no Long Range TV Antenna can match the cost for what DTV Green Dish provides you. The only thing you will ever pay is a one-time hardware and installation fee of $299.

So if you're looking for a Long Range TV Antenna, you're in luck, because the Dishtenna by DTV Green Dish will far surpass your expectations in what you thought you'd receive with a Long Range TV Antenna. Get yours today!