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Digiair Pro ATSC Signal Meter

Item Number: 2
Digiair Pro ATSC Signal Meter
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$399.00 $349.00
The Digiair Pro ATSC Signal Meter is made for both analog (dBuV) and digital (BER and SNR). DIGIAIR Pro is microprocessor controlled, making it very reliable and accurate.

Signalstrength is presented on the LCD-display. In analog mode it shows a single channel or six channels at the same time. You can also choose to view the signal in spectrum mode.

In digital mode it displays the BER (bit error rate) and SNR (signal/noice ratio). Readout of UCB (uncorrected bits) and CB (corrected blocks) is also easy to do. Furtermore DIGIAIR Pro present pitchtones(the higher tone the stronger signal) on a loudspeaker.

DIGIAIR Pro is very sensitive and can detect even the weakest signals.

DIGIAIR Pro can feed Voltage (5/12 Volt) to external active antennas this feature is short-circuit protected by an automatic fuse.

DIGIAIR Pro is charged via an external DC power-source of 13,5 -18 volt.

Even though the DIGIAIR Pro has a lot of functions it is still very easy to use and has a very compact design.

DIGIAIR Pro operates with 8xAA rechargeable batteries.

The Digiair Pro ATSC Signal Meter will work for at least 2 hours with fully charged batteries.

  • Perfect for digital terrestrial installations (ATSC).
  • Handy spectrum-analyzer for frequency 45-862MHz.
  • Easy digital readout of BER and SNR.
  • Ready for Mpeg2 and Mpeg4 signals.
  • Analog signal level reads out in dBuV.
  • Presents one channel readout with high resolution or six channels simultaneously or the complete spectrum.
  • Very sensitive, easy to maximize weak and strong signals.
  • Built in beeper (pitch tone) and maxhold function.
  • Aerial power output, 0V, 5V, 12V and 24V.
  • Built in, rechargeable battery.
  • Power supply and car-charger enclosed.
  • Carrying-case enclosed.
  • Made in Sweden.

Technical Specifications
  • Input frequency: 45-860 MHz.
  • Input level: 30-80 dBuV.
  • Input impedance: 75 Ohm, F-connector.
  • Short circuit protection: Automatic fuse on antennainput.
  • Measuring method: in digital Two bars showing BER (bit error rate) and SNR (signal/noice ratio). In analog One bar showing dBuV in high resolution or 6 bars showingstrength of 6 channels.
  • Spectrum display. Pitch tone indication from beeper.
  • Signal-level readout: digital BER and SNR values. analogdBuV with maxhold-function.
  • Power out: 0V, 5V,12V and 24V on/off.
  • Power supply/charger: 10 -18V DC (Centerpin +).
  • Display: Back-lighted 128x64 Pixels LCD.
  • Power consumption: 500mA.
  • Battery: 8x AA rechargeable batteries of1200mA each.
  • Weight: 0.3 kg.
  • Dimensions: 185 x 115 x 50 mm.
  • Accessories: Powersupply 12V DC, 1A Rubber-case. Power supply. Car charger. Technical specification.