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The Green Dish is truly an eco-friendly product. It is not only changing the way the masses watch TV in the 21st century, it's helping the environment by being made from recycled materials. $199.00 - Paid Once - No Monthly Fees! * 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed
DTV Green Dish


during rain

The DTV Green Dish is unaffected by weather conditions. In fact during rain storms you might receive more channels due to the atmosphere condition. $199.00 - Paid Once - No Monthly Fees! * 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed
DTV GREENDISH join the Revolution
Buy Your DTV Green Dish Purchase online, over the phone, or via one of our authorized retailers. You can even choose the color of your dish.
You Install It Install it yourself with our simple instructions or hire one of recommended certified professionals to install it for you.
Sit Back & Enjoy Sit back, relax and enjoy quality digital television without having to pay another monthly cable bill again!
Excellent Customer Service No more monthly cable fees! You are free! It's the only 18" "Dishtenna®" with the power to receive all available broadcasts from major and independent television networks, in your area, without ever paying a monthly fee!
  • Free HD networks
  • Never pay a monthly cable bill again
  • No contracts
  • Save money!
  • Amazing customer support
Popular Channels & Shows Entertainment is no longer a problem! DTV Green Dish provides all the free broadcast channels available in your market filled with family entertainment, cartoons and documentaries 24-hours a day.
  • Up to 125 channels depending on market
  • Connect up to 8 TV's
  • Popular Movies, Shows & Series
  • Favorite Cartoons
  • Interesting Documentaries
Environment Friendly Saving planet earth one Green Dish at a time
The DTV Green Dish is not only awesome because of its amazing features, it is also made from recycled materials! Such an innovative product!
  • Eco-Friendly
  • Made From Recycled Materials
  • Light Weight
  • Innovative
  • Unique